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Our Pastoral System

Our ethos is based on the core values of pupils’ personal development, outstanding academic progress, smart appearance and high standards of behaviour including good manners and courtesy.

We are committed to provide a caring and secure environment where pupils are happy and hard working. Every child is special and deserves the best opportunities. We work with all pupils to find and develop their individual talents and interests. By giving individual care, support and encouragement we help pupils reach their potential.

Each year group is made up of four houses Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz that help foster a small community within the school that support each other and compete across the curriculum.   The year group is the responsibility of a Head of Year leading all 195 pupils in assemblies and other activities. Pupils join a tutor group of around 24 pupils with a tutor who meets the group every day and offers care, guidance and support.

We work closely in conjunction with parents and as part of that partnership we have a dedicated Year Group Administrator attached to each year group. Parents can contact the Year Group Administrator at any time of the school day to raise concerns or questions. 

Key Pastoral Staff

Deputy Headteacher Mr J Foster jamie.foster(at)
Director of KS3 Miss A Llewellyn amy.llewellyn(at)
Director of KS4 Mr J Tape james.tape(at)
Director of KS5 Mr S Perrotton sean.perrotton(at)
Head of Year 7 Mr C Bryan chris.bryan(at)
Year 7 Administrator Miss K Lucas karen.lucas(at)
Head of Year 8 Mr J Gridley josh.gridley(at)
Year 8 Administrator Mrs N Ringrose natasha.ringrose(at)
Head of Year 9 Mrs A Newington alexandra.newington(at)
Year 9 Administrator Mrs Marler-Yeomans nikki.marler-yeomans(at)
Head of Year 10 Mr A Sturge anthony.sturge(at)
Year 10 Administrator Mrs T Wood tracey.wood(at)
Head of Year 11 Mrs F Turner fay.turner(at)
Year 11 Administrator Ian Clark


Safeguarding Manager Mrs Lee Whiteside safeguarding(at)
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Vicki Brook safeguarding(at)

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