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Homework Policy

Homework can make an important contribution to the learning process and contributes to the development of self-directed learning. It is the policy at Chase High School to set homework on a regular basis to build on what is being taught in lessons at school. 

Homework may take the form of a variety of tasks with a range of purposes, including:

  • to consolidate work begun with the teacher in class, thus strengthening the learning process;
  • to prepare forthcoming work;
  • to encourage independent learning;
  • to extend the range of available resources e.g. internet, books, libraries and people;
  • to prepare and complete project work and examination coursework;
  • to undertake research, e.g. to find out about the life and work of a pioneer in a particular field of study. 

Every homework that is set by the teacher needs to be written, by the pupils, in their school planner. This will aid with the organisation and completion of homework and other school related tasks. 

Guidance regarding the quantity of homework per fortnight is given below. We request that staff allow a 48 hour turnaround as a minimum for the completion of work and where possible, allow up to a week. The aim is to encourage students to learn to manage their time and thus avoid having too many pieces of homework to complete on any one night.

Years 7, 8 & 9 

Students in these years are not expected to spend more than 40 minutes on any one piece of homework. The number of pieces given per fortnight is as follows: 

English, Mathematics and Science = 2 pieces

Geography, History, R.E., French and IT = 1 piece 

Students in Year 7 will be given less homework during their first few weeks at the school, and will be offered guidance to help them to manage their homework. 

Years 10 & 11 

With examination courses, greater flexibility is required due to the nature of coursework deadlines. Students will not be required to follow a prescriptive timetable, but are advised to study for a maximum of 2 hours per night for 5 nights per week

Each subject, including options, will set one piece of homework per week. The only exception is for students taking triple science who may be required to complete homework in more than one of the sciences each week. 

Creative Arts and Technology subjects set homework as required for the courses. There is a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs, and it is hoped that all students will attend at least one club a week to help enhance their personal skill level and develop a healthy, active lifestyle.