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Home Learning

Home learning is important for a number of reasons:

  • • It encourages students to develop skills of discovery, investigation and independent learning
  • • It enables students to build on and develop their learning
  • • It helps to prepare work for a forthcoming lesson
  • • It helps students to use their initiative and think independently
  • • It enables students to assess their own progress


Please support us in ensuring that home learning is done conscientiously. Students record home learning in their planners each day. Please check and sign their planner every week before it is countersigned by their Form Tutor. It is school policy to set regular home learning in all years.

Home Learning for Years 7 to 10

We are currently piloting our new Home Learning Programme across Years 7 to 10.  Students will be provided with a hard copy of the Home Learning schedule.  This information will be updated every half term.

Summer Term 2017 

Year 7 Home Learning Guide

Year 8 Home Learning Guide

Year 9 Home Learning Guide

Year 10 Home Learning Guide


Home Learning FAQs

Home Learning Frequently Asked Questions