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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Chase High School’s SEN department work to support teaching staff in meeting the needs of all students in the classroom, with teachers having the overall responsibility as outlined in the SEND Code of Practice. We aim for our support systems to promote high quality teaching for all pupils. 

Our aim is to collect accurate information about pupils and their progress. Identify those who are making less than expected progress to attain at an expected or higher level.  Ensuring that all our SEND students’ records are current and contain relevant and up to date information to support teachers in the classroom. 

For some pupils there may be a need for further interventions.  These are put in place by teachers and departments to allow pupils to catch up. We aim to offer practical resources, extra differentiation and adapted teaching styles in order to meet the need of those who require reasonable adjustments in the classroom in order to promote learning. Strategies are implemented for students with support from outside agencies. 

Teachers, together with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), analyse the effectiveness of their teaching systems for support before deciding that the identification of SEN is appropriate.  An Education Passport may be implemented (ISP) to further monitor the impact of the intervention and differentiation in the classroom, and will be both set up and reviewed with full participation of parents and students. 

For a few pupils, specialist provision is required through an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) to meet pupils’ needs in the classroom.  Additional intervention and additional adult support will support high quality teaching.  Students with EHCP’s are monitored through the usual school channels and through annual reviews. 

SEND primary liaison is vital to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school and we work closely with partner primary schools to ensure pupil needs are considered from the first day at Chase High.  This will include; early transition, summer school, extra visits and early relationship building with parents. We aim to for staff to be made aware well in advance of our Year 7 intake starting with us and the SENCO is available throughout the year to help staff support individual students. 

All staff at Chase High School are aware of procedures required for SEND with regular liaison and up to date information being disseminated to all staff. This is delivered by way of regular training sessions and staff briefings all of which are carried out regularly by our SENCO. We also work closely with outside agencies who deliver training for our staff to make them aware of different needs and how they can support this within their classroom. 

Please see our SEN and Disabilities Additional Needs Policy here  


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