Best GCSE Results Ever!

06/02/2020 | Sarah Bradley

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Best GCSE Results Ever

In August 2019 students and staff celebrated their best ever GCSE results at Chase High School with results rising by a massive 11% in just one year. Head teacher Andrew James said, “I am immensely proud of our students and staff today as they reap the rewards of their hard work. Some of our young people have had to overcome huge personal difficulties to get to this stage and they have all worked so hard to tackle these new specification GCSEs. We have seen increasing numbers achieving grades at the very highest level with grade nines being awarded in many of our subjects. Our top student got grade nine in every one of his nine GCSEs, a feat achieved by a tiny percentage of the UK students.”

As teachers we are privileged to help in that journey of helping shy Year 7 children transform into confident and successful young adults, ready to take their places in society as they move on in whichever path they have chosen for their futures. This is a small part in a much longer journey and so we work with our youngsters to look at learning as a journey that never ends.

The GCSE success came a week after our A level and BTEC results which saw 30 of our students head off to university. A visit to Chase High will show you that it is a vibrant, happy school and our approach to education values all of its students and encourages them all to be successful through working hard. On this day we really enjoyed sharing with our learners in that success.