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  • Mon, 3:00 pm
    On Friday the English department ran a fantastic year 10 trip to see the Poetry Live conference in London. They saw… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Mon, 10:07 am
    Dance students are holding a Christmas Bake Sale tomorrow at break and lunch time in the cafeteria to raise dance f… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Mon, 10:04 am
    Reminder: We're holding a non uniform day this Friday raising money for The British Heart Foundation. This is espec… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Mon, 9:26 am
    Word of the Week is 'Stigmatise' #literacy #WOW #wordoftheweek via @ChaseHighSch
  • Mon, 9:25 am
    Two Year 11 students have composed a song to make key Romeo & Juliet quotes memorable. You can listen to the song o… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Mon, 6:23 am
    School is open as usual today. via @ChaseHighSch
  • Sun, 4:46 pm
    After walking the site I can confirm that at this moment we plan to be open as usual tomorrow. Any change will be… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Fri, 3:03 pm
    Aseya in Year 8 has been learning about the Underground Railroad in History this week #history via @ChaseHighSch
  • Fri, 12:48 pm
    Some great work being produced in Technology. Year 7 student Kian shows off his textiles skills and Skarlett, also… via @ChaseHighSch
  • Fri, 12:42 pm
    Alfie proudly showing off his Mexican themed art 🎨 via @ChaseHighSch