How to Apply

We are very proud of our Sixth Form and its students. When you join the Sixth Form, you will be working with experienced staff who are experts at delivering their subjects to Sixth Form students. You will become part of a thriving community and will have an excellent opportunity to pursue your future ambitions.

For applicants wishing to join Sixth Form from September 2024, please apply using this link.

If you cannot access this link for any reason, please complete the application form available via the below link and return it to the Sixth Form Admissions Team at the school address.

For in-year admission information, please contact

Sixth Form Admission Application Form

Sixth Form Admission Application Form

Extended Diploma - Equivalent to 3 A Levels

Diploma - Equivalent to 2 A Levels

Extended Certificate - Equivalent to 1 A Level

Students can choose a combination of A Levels and BTEC as long as it adds up to taking the equivalent to 3 Levels.

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. Come for an interview, once your application has been reviewed we will invite you for an interview with the Head of Sixth Form.

  3. Wait to hear back from us. After your interview you will receive a letter confirming the outcome of the interview. If it is a ‘yes’, it will be a conditional offer, based on you meeting the outlined entry requirements.

  4. Confirming your acceptance, there will be a response form with the offer. To confirm acceptance, you will need to return it by the options above.

  5. Registration Day will be the same day as GCSE results day in August. You will need to attend once you have collected your GCSE results to complete the final stage of apply to Chase High Sixth Form.

For external applicants interested in applying, tours led by the Head of Sixth Form are available. To arrange, please contact the Sixth Form on 01702 361197.

Prospective Sixth Form students are encouraged to visit the school in the Autumn Term. Application details, including a prospectus, can be obtained from the school office. The closing date for applications is April 30th, although late applicants can be considered any time up to September 30th. Prospective Sixth Formers will be invited to attend an induction programme in the Summer Term.

Students should complete the appropriate application form and return it to the school. Up to an extra 30 students can be accepted into the Sixth Form from other schools, in addition to those already attending Year 11 in this school who achieve the Sixth Form entry requirements detailed below. The Sixth Form does not give priority to applicants from pupils enrolled at particular schools.

Places on Level 2 and Level 3 courses can normally be offered to applicants who meet the minimum course requirements. Our Sixth Form entry requirements can be seen below:

Should there be more candidates of the required level than places, selections will be based on GCSE performance, with priority being given to Children in Public Care.

If it is not possible to offer your child a place, details of the appeals process will be forwarded to you by the school.