Chase Students - After A-Levels

22 Aug
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(photo – Ellie second from left in front row, Afifa first on left in back row, Dominic third from left in back row)

Young people are moving on to the next steps in their journey, having picked up their A-level and BTEC results today.

Year 13 students collected their results at Chase High School, in Westcliff.

Ellie Pask, who lives in Westcliff, is packing up and moving to Writtle University College to study sport and exercise science.

She hopes to become a PE teacher in the future. As a result, her teachers at Chase have helped her to gather valuable experience in the sport department during her seven years at the school.

Ellie, who achieved three Distinction* and a C, said: “I have got the grades I wanted and got into my first choice of university. I am very happy about that.

“I have had a lot of support from all of my teachers. I was given lots of extra opportunities, especially within sport. They let me carry out roles within the department, including helping out at borough and national athletics competitions, as well as general events at school.

“It has all helped to give me experience and show me that is exactly what I want to do. It also helped me with my personal statement for my university application.

“As the years have gone by, we have been given more opportunities at Chase. The school has definitely got better.”

Dominic Taylor, from Eastwood, started his photography apprenticeship with Paul’s Studio, in Southend, last month.

Having collected a B grade, two Merits and a Distinction today, he praised his teachers for their support.

He said: “I was expecting lower grades as I know the boundaries have changed and got tougher for A-levels. I am really happy with the outcome.

“The general support I received from everyone at Chase has helped me to get here. The teachers really understood and knew how tough this was as my year group did not get to do sit-down exams for our GCSEs due to the pandemic. When we moved on to A-levels, the teachers really switched the switch and made us realise we had to knuckle down and focus. Having that extra push really helped.

“There has been quite a lot of change at Chase in recent years, all for the better. They have really benefited the school.

“I have settled in to my apprenticeship pretty quickly and am learning the ropes. I did not want to go to university, but I did not want to cross it off my list completely and wanted to work directly with photographers. With my apprenticeship, I work with a tutor once a month who gives me courses to complete.”

Afifa Hasan moved to the UK with her family two years ago. Now living in Southend, she joined Chase High to sit GCSEs in Italian, English literature and language and maths before she could move on to A-level courses.

Today, she collected B grades in English and psychology and an A* grade in Italian.

She is staying on at Chase to study BTEC business and finance and an Extended Project Qualification in law before aiming to study law at King’s College London.

Afifa said: “I would like to work in the area of corporate law in the future.

“The school has really helped me a lot. They provided me with a tutor to support me with my GCSEs and English A-level.”


Article Written by Kelly Louise Clark -