Our Sixth Form

At Chase High Sixth Form, you’ll find the freedom and support you need to pursue your ambitions. Whether you hope to move on to Higher Education, apprenticeships or straight into employment, we provide the facilities, curriculum and pastoral care to help you take your next step.

A welcome from our Head of Sixth Form…

When you are part of our Sixth Form at Chase High, your future is what you make of it. I take great pride in the way we treat each student as an adult, allowing them to build the confidence, independence and all-round employability needed to pursue their goals. Through our modern Sixth Form building, close pastoral care and exceptional career advice and work placement opportunities, we offer a tailor-made environment to explore your potential.

16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 tuition fund is funding that is ring fenced for Sixth Form institutions to support students and mitigate disruption to learning arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. All sixth form learners will also have 40 additional hours in their learning aims across the year to support all students to help ensure gaps in learning caused by disruption to education are bridged, and is aimed at uplifting hours to bring us closer to high performing international comparator countries.

The funding is being used to provide small group tuition for 16-19-year olds where their learning has been disrupted and they:

    • have not achieved a Grade 6 in GCSE English and/or GCSE maths at age 16, and would need catch-up support;
    • are from the 27% most economically deprived areas of the country (based on the index of multiple deprivation), and would need catch-up support;
    • are economically disadvantaged, and, therefore, meet the 16 - 19 Bursary Fund eligibility criteria, and would need catch-up support to reach their full potential (even where their prior attainment is high).

Although targeted students are identified based on their prior attainment in English and maths, the funding can be used to support students in their learning across a variety of subjects.

Examples of disruption that these students have faced/will face include assessments being deferred due to lockdown or self-isolation, falling behind in their learning due to long/multiple periods of self-isolation, and not being able to complete external examinations due to positive COVID-19 cases.

How will Chase High School Sixth Form use the funding?

At Chase High School Sixth Form, we intend to utilise the funding to provide additional support to small groups of students (between three and five, seven in exceptional circumstances), who have not yet achieved a Grade 6 in English or maths. Within this cohort, targeted student intervention will be focused as follows:

Students, who have yet to achieve a Grade 4 or 5 in English and/or maths;

Students, who are currently in Year 13 as a priority, and then Year 12 if funding allows.

We intend to use the fund by running additional small group classes for these students during the school day and as twilight sessions, or by offering tuition from specific subject specialists that may be hired to provide support.

Students are well prepared for university, or the workplace.
Ofsted 2022
James Tape
Head of Sixth Form

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We’ve invested millions of pounds to create a learning environment where students can express themselves, get creative and develop knowledge and skills. When it comes to your transition to Higher Education, apprenticeships or employment, Chase High Sixth Form offers the equipment, spaces and support to back your journey.

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Our Approach

We treat each student as an individual, and as an adult. By providing a learning environment more akin to a modern workplace than a college, with dedicated careers advice embedded within the curriculum, we challenge students to work independently and reach their full potential. However, we still appreciate the importance of pastoral care and one-to-one teacher support for post-16 students, and make both readily available across their studies.

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Come for a Visit

If you would like to explore our state-of-the-art Sixth Form facilities for yourself, we would love for you to join us for a personal tour. You can discover how our Sixth Form operates and meet with our staff to ask any questions and learn how we can help you reach your potential.

Get in touch with our reception to organise your visit:

Sixth Form Reception
01702 361197
Year 8 Parents' Evening - Thursday 14 December 2023
The booking system is now open and instructions with how to book have been sent home. If you experience any difficulties in booking appointments, please contact the year team for help.