At Chase High, our vision is fully prepare every pupil to live highly successful adult lives. The curriculum, defined as all experiences planned for our students including the taught and extra-curricular offers, is at the heart of this vision. Through the implementation of our curriculum we seek to:

  • Provide the core knowledge, skills, attributes and aspirations necessary to instil a love of lifelong learning and the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Deliver a challenging and enriching curriculum that ensures outstanding outcomes across a breath of experiences.
  • Build the strength and depth of character that combines a strong moral purpose with excellent social skills.
  • Ensuring our pupils become adults that can go on to make a real difference locally, nationally and globally.

Carefully Mapped

The Chase High Curriculum ensures learners have a carefully mapped journey from the end of Key Stage 2 to the end of Key Stage 5. To this end, we will provide a curriculum, which is:

  • broad and balanced
  • challenging and ambitious
  • knowledge rich
  • consciously sequenced and systematically planned to build knowledge
  • developing memory and learning power incorporating interleaving
  • differentiated appropriately for individuals
  • building an understanding of British values

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Readings on [email protected]

Our Subjects

Key Stage 5 Subjects

Please click the below link to see our Key Stage 5 subjects: